Laine Cunningham

Laine Cunningham’s current work-in-progress, The Butterfly Tree, is an absurdist tale of an architect in late-stage Parkinson’s who fears that his paramour will kill him. The central symbol is a person covered with butterflies, burying that which is human beneath beauty.

The Tipping Time launches a five-book historical fantasy series about a Puritan woman’s coming of age and explores the power of women, religious oppression, and the magic of everyday miracles. 

During a six-week residency she drafted the first 280 pages of Resonance. This work-in-progress posits the appearance of the God particle as a prion-style infection that causes flash mob violence worldwide. The cure can only be found in the quantum resonance of the human heart.

Reparation follows a Native American man who must stop a cult massacre. Resonance was shortlisted for three national awards.

He Drinks Poison follows a biracial FBI agent who must access the dark power of the Hindu goddess Kali to bring down a serial killer. This novel was supported by two residencies and one grant.

Message Stick is founded in tensions between Australia’s Aboriginal and Eurocentric cultures. Message Stick received two national awards and was supported by two residencies and three grants.