Laine Cunningham

Honors and Awards

Residency, Fusion Art, Turin, Italy

Upcoming for Apr/May 2017
Takt Residency, Berlin, Germany

Upcoming for Jul/Aug 2016

Wildacres Residency, Apr 2016

Arte Studio Ginestrelle Residency, Assisi, Italy Nov 2015
Rensing Center Residency Feb/Mar 2014
Anderbo Book Award Top Three Selection Dec 2012
Blowing Rock Residency Jul 2011
Honorable Mention, Carolina Woman 2011
Vermont Studio Center Residency Nov 2006 

Artist/Writer Grant from VSC Nov 2006
Wildacres Residency Mar 2005
Hackney Award, BSC Mar 2005
Honorable Mention Writer’s Digest Nov 2003
James Jones Society Fellowship Oct 2003
Career Opportunity Grant Jul 2002
Cornucopia Arts Residency Nov 2001
Jerome Foundation Fellowship Nov 2001
New York Mills Residency MN May 1999
Jerome Foundation Fellowship Apr 1999
Honorable Mention, Focus on Writers

Memoir Category 1998
First Place, Focus on Writers Poetry 1998

Laine Cunningham’s novels interweave social, cultural, historical, political and spiritual movements that have occurred within different groups and at different times. These elements engage readers in discussions of how similar forces have changed or are changing the contemporary world…and what might lie in our future. When individuals recognize how large issues build over time from multiple small steps, they recognize that everyone can foment change through their choices and their decisions.

Laine's work has won multiple national awards, including the Hackney Literary Award and the James Jones Literary Society fellowship. In past years, the Hackney Award was received by Horton Foote and William Styron, placing her in the ranks of Pulitzer Prize-winning authors.

She has received dozens of fellowships and residency slots from programs like the Jerome Foundation, the Vermont Studio Center, Wildacres Center for the Humanities, and Arte Studio Ginestrelle in Assisi, Italy. Summer of 2016 will be spent at the TAKT residency in Berlin, Germany. In spring of 2017, she will be in residence at Fusion Art in Turin, Italy.

Four completed novels, one of which is the first in a five-book series being shopped to the Big Five publishers, are available. Two completed nonfiction books are available. 

Laine Cunningham is an accomplished ghostwriter and publishing consultant with 20 years of experience. Click here for more information on available services for your nonfiction and fiction projects.