​Author Laine Cunningham


Neil Gaiman’s American Gods meets China Mieville’s Kraken in a haunting and atmospheric tale that pits an FBI agent against monsters ancient and modern.

When FBI agent Priya Conlin-Kumar tracks two different serial killers hunting in the same city, she begins to see visions of a demon king. After one of the killers falls, she hones in on the seemingly inhuman predator who continues slaughtering at whim. The closer she gets, the more intense their battle becomes until it touches the law enforcement officers--female and male--assisting with the case. 
As if called forth by powers too ancient to deny, the visions enter the material world. Inexplicable events soon make it clear that the gods and demons of mythology are moving through the city. Supernatural beings step into the battle between these two mortals, lending their immortal energies to a showdown between good and evil. Priya must access the dark, sensual power of the goddess Kali in order to face the demonic predator on his own terms.

Showcasing the urban surrealism that marks weird fiction authors and the New Weird category, Beloved blends the shadows of H. P. Lovecraft with the literary sensibility of Ursula Le Guin to spark fury and tears through suspense, sex, horror, and a spare prose style.

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"Beloved ranks among the great novels of all time. Cunningham combines tenacity and courage along with profound insight to create a...disturbing yet fascinating ... story. It is impossible to read this book unmoved." Pamela King Cable, Author of Televenge, ALA Top Pick 

"A captivating must read!" Robin Perron, Reviewer 

"A hard look into hope and horror possible in the human mind." Rich C, Reviewer 

"I found it difficult to put down [this] deep,dark novel." Jennifer Cameron-Smith, Top 1000 Reviewer 

"Had me on the edge of my seat from the first paragraph to the last. Incredibly well written-a dark sensation. The setting, the prose, the plot, all of it comes together to create a nail-biting story, which draws you in." Leah Griffith, Author Cosette's Tribe 

"This story is beautiful, smart ... with lyrical storytelling and strong character development." C. Hope Clark, Author, Lowcountry Bribe and The Carolina Slade Mystery Series, Editor of Award-winning FundsforWriters.com