Laine Cunningham

Writer's Digest Book Review for Reparation (Hardcover) 

I really loved this story concept and the whole sibling relationship was quite nice and a fresh idea that really drew me in and kept me “hooked” throughout. 

With a clever plot line and fast, easy to follow pacing, this book was easily one of my faves.

The author did a great job creating Aidan and the entire cast. This was a great sibling match-up that felt real and well-written.

The author’s storytelling voice was strong and clear. I really shared the experience with her and it almost didn’t even feel like fiction.

I could see this happening and the dark, mysterious vibe was just enchanting. Really well done from cover to cover. A truly great find.

TOTAL SCORE: 28 out of 30

Comments about the cover: Reparation presents with a dark, dramatic photo cover art design. I get the tone of the book from the very first glance. The hardcover is a nice touch.