Laine Cunningham

Writer's Digest Book Review for Woman Alone:

A Six-Month Journey Through the Australian Outback 

In Woman Alone, readers who feel trapped in a life without meaning will connect with Laine Cunningham’s decision to leave her corporate job to live in the Australian Outback for six months.

Cunningham’s tale of her solo journey will appeal to an audience hungry for adventure and a sense of magic.

In a chapter titled “Taking Flight,” the author observes a flock of galahs over an empty expanse of Australia’s interior and explains, ”Somewhere deep inside, my wings began to unfurl.” Cunningham has a confident and passionate use of description and metaphor that draws the reader in.

Her motivation for embarking on her journey is clear throughout the text, and the reader witnesses her determination to grow beyond her youth and experience to flourish in a career that will welcome her developing voice.

How this experience changed Cunningham’s life and informed the next twenty years of her life is handled deftly in the closing pages. 

TOTAL SCORE: 30 out of 30

Comments about the cover: The cover, with its lone figure standing in a remote copper-colored landscape, invites the prospective buyer to pick up the book.