Laine Cunningham

Berlin nurtures a true bike culture. 

Bikes weave around cars, whirl down sidewalks, and lean against every building. Clusters of bikes are chained to every available post, sign, and handrail.
These humble vehicles are a quintessential part of life in Berlin. Because they're so embedded in the lifestyle, they reflect a lot about the city and its citizens. Pictures taken in the neighborhoods of Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and more present single bicycles and clusters of bikes that conveyed a special vibe.
The thirty full-color photos in this book, which have been reproduced slightly larger than a standard cellphone screen, are paired with evocative titles that bring you the essence of the Bikes of Berlin.

For fans of Cheryl Strayed's Wild and

Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love.
At twenty-seven, Laine Cunningham seemed to have it all: tons of friends, a college degree, plenty of all-night parties, and a secure job. Yet every morning she dragged herself through a life that was corporatized and overly industrialized, a life that falsely glamorized everything she was supposed to want.
Guided only by a map pulled from an old copy of National Geographic, she camped in the Australian Outback for six months...and she did it alone.
Told with wry humor and sparked with suspense and warmth, Woman Alone conveys a desperate search that became a journey of comedy and compassion in a landscape that brought her peace.

Think Aussies speak English? Think again!

Between the strong accent, Aussie slang, Aboriginal words that have become a common part of speech, and words garnered from their United Kingdom-based history, understanding Australian English can be a challenge. After Laine Cunningham spent six months camping alone in the Outback, she wrote this book to help other travelers make the most of their vacations.
Many of the words and phrases are used in quotes from award-winning novels and nonfiction books by the same author. Enjoy this book, and you will enjoy more of your time Down Under.

The Zen of Gardening combines wisdom cultivated in the garden with beautiful and inspirational photos. Written by an award-winning author, the text offers original, enlightening sayings that reflect the Zen found in every garden. Fifty inspiring photos enhance the insight in a full-color book that makes a perfect gift.
A gorgeous collection for every serious gardener, hobbyist, plant lover, and anyone looking for a moment of peace during their day, The Zen of Gardening reminds us of the power of a single tree or flower to enrich our lives, and to make us happier, healthier, calmer, and more loving.

Laine "is our spiritual messenger bringing us universal truths. Mesmerizing and meaningful and inspiring."

For readers of The Secret, A Course in Miracles, and Paul Coelho's works.
Seven Sisters harnesses Dreamtime energy to help modern people address their challenges. In this collection of inspirational self-help essays, readers discover that love and friendship, parenting, life and the afterlife can be addressed with the unchanging wisdom of the human heart.
The gift-book version has a beautifully designed full-color interior with custom artwork in the Australian Aboriginal Dot-Dot style. 

A black-and-white print version is also available.

Laine "caves in castles on the hill, roasts the big name publishers (and so called liberal literary magazines as well) and discusses topics that are poisonous for new writers – unless they be young white males (and even there she has some pointers that are laugh out loud funny)."

A provocative and polarizing--yet often deadly funny--look behind the scenes of the publishing industry by a 20-year professional. 
By all appearances, publishing is an open-to-all endeavor. But for female authors and authors of color and LGBT authors, for authors who write about women or people of color or individuals in the LGBT community, entry is all but barred. Writing While Female or Black or Gay, written by a publishing professional with twenty years of experience, considers the depth and breadth of the problems. And then authors and publishers, readers and reviewers are invited to fix the problems.