​Author Laine Cunningham

REPARATION: A Mystery Novel of the American Great Plains


Sharp Objects meets Everything I Never Told You in a relentlessly creepy family saga.

Perfect for viewers of “Twin Peaks,” “Dark Places,” and “Westworld.” 

“A beautifully written supernatural story—the work of a master craftsman.”

“Endlessly compelling. A fascinating fusion of forms.” 

To save his sister, Aidan Little Boy must confront the darkness that lives in the heart of America’s frontier.

When his sister joins a group living on a remote ranch, Aidan Little Boy encourages her. For four years, he has been their mother’s caretaker and hasn’t been the brother he wants to be. The group offers Fanny new friendships and a community deeply embedded with their father’s Native American traditions.

But the ranch holds ancient secrets that threaten to spin Fanny into a darkness she is too innocent to understand. As Aidan investigates the group, he unearths a web of lies that trace back to America’s settlement. Unsure who to trust, he opens his heart to a Cherokee herbalist as they uncover a plot so shocking they must risk their own lives to save innocent ones.

Hailed as “endlessly compelling,” Reparation is an emotional tour de force about the dangers one man must face to rescue his family as well as himself. 

This complex and surreal novel merges folktales, history, and the contemporary with magical realism in a hypnotically addictive original tale.

Comparable titles: Gone Girl, Dark Places, Save Yourself, Bury This, The Girl on the Train, The Poisonwood Bible, The Silent Wife, In the Woods, Cartwheel, Carrie, Beneath the Scarlet Sky, The Horse Whisperer, American Gods, 1Q84, Blindsighted, I’m Watching You, Night, Killers of the Flower Moon, The Lost City of Z, The Light Between Oceans, The Handmaid’s Tale, They Both Die at the End, Riding Lessons, The Immortalists, The Round House, We Are Called to Rise, Calling Me Home, The Turner House, Plainsong, and Winter’s Tale.

Honorable Mention, Writer's Digest's 2016 Ebook Award
Shortlisted for Three National Awards

“A beautifully written supernatural story - the work of a master craftsman. Fascinating!" Grady Harp, Vine Voice and Hall of Fame Reviewer

The "language has a well-crafted poetry, an impression that is immediate and indelible. The backstory is quick-moving...so heartbreaking. Manitou's character grows and grows in complexity [while the] hero [goes] through absolute hell. It's a huge and compelling struggle. Just a beautifully written book. Endlessly compelling. A fascinating fusion of forms.” Writer's Digest Judge, 4th Annual Ebook Awards

"A fascinating read that was hard to put down. Highly recommended." J. Phillips, Library Thing Reviewer

"The writing and imagery are beautiful, and I would definitely recommend the book to adults looking for a smooth, thrilling read." Angel Leya, Goodreads Reviewer

"Extraordinary. The novel explores the Indian traditions and elegantly blends in elements of fantasy. The compelling characters and their adventures make it hard to sleep on time." Client d'A, Reviewer

"This is the first book I have read by this author, and I'm going to look into her others. You won't even realize how long you've been reading until someone interrupts you!" S. Clem, Reviewer

"Can this, will this, be enough to help Aidan Little Boy in stemming such a great tide of evil? Only way to know for sure is to read on, dear reader, read on. I'm going to have to try out her other books. I'm sure I'd be vastly entertained." Rich, Reviewer

"Laine has such a way of writing that draws not just the mind of the reader, but pulls on heartstrings to connect with characters and story alike. Scored GOLD on this one!" S. Wingate, Reviewer