On the Wallaby Track: An Essential Australian Slang Dictionary

Think Aussies speak English? Think again!

Between the strong accent, Aussie slang, Aboriginal words that have become a common part of speech, and words garnered from their United Kingdom-based history, understanding Australian English can be a challenge. After Laine Cunningham spent six months camping alone in the Outback, she wrote this book to help other travelers make the most of their vacations.
On the Wallaby Track contains most of what you’ll need to eat, sleep, and survive in the beautiful and astonishing country called Australia. Every visitor will get more out of their vacation from accommodations to tours. And you won’t have to spend six months figuring it out!
Many words and phrases are used in quotes from award-winning novels and nonfiction books by the same author. Travel tips and Australia facts about wildlife, food, rental cars, camping, adventures, travel and tourism, cultural tours and more are touched on in the definitions, making this nearly as useful as a Lonely Planet guidebook for Down Under.
On the Wallaby Track is part of a series that offers fun and fascinating information to travelers. Other titles include Woman Alone, a warm and funny women’s adventure travel memoir about her six-month solo camping journey through the Outback popular with fans of Eat Pray Love and Wild.


For fans of Cheryl Strayed's Wild and

Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love
At twenty-seven, Laine Cunningham seemed to have it all: tons of friends, a college degree, plenty of all-night parties, and a secure job. Yet every morning she dragged herself through a life that was corporatized and overly industrialized, a life that falsely glamorized everything she was supposed to want.
Guided only by a map pulled from an old copy of National Geographic, she camped in the Australian Outback for six months…and she did it alone.
Traveling in a time before Expedia or Travelocity, and without any guidebook or travel guide from Lonely Planet, the trip was never intended to be a vacation. Instead, it was a search for something deeper, something that lay inside. Cheap plane tickets or the cost of the airfare were far less important than the investment Laine made in herself.

The self-guided adventure tour around the country covered nearly 17,000 miles. Hostels were preferred to hotels, and then only when camping under the stars wasn’t an option. Otherwise, her best accommodation was the red sand and her only travel guide was her instinct about where on the map to explore next.
Told with warm humor and sparked with suspense, the search revealed a woman's most important discovery: herself.

​Author Laine Cunningham

This women's travel adventure memoir author "is our spiritual messenger bringing us universal truths. Mesmerizing and meaningful and inspiring."


For readers of The Secret, The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down by Haemin Sunim, Eckhart Tolle, Louise Hay, and Paul Coelho.
According to Australia's ancient cultures, all creatures and things emerged from the Dreamtime. The Dreaming is not just a collection of lore or a long-ago time; it is a living energy that flows constantly through the universe. It is then and now, divine and human, spirit and law. Because the spiritual energy is as vibrant today as ever, these ancient stories show us how to survive in a harsh world and how to thrive in our souls.
In the pages of this self-help book are inspirational stories packed with motivational quotes geared toward self-improvement. Each Aboriginal story, retold for a modern audience, is enhanced with an essay from award-winning author Laine Cunningham. Our modern perspectives on love and friendship, illness and joy, life and the afterlife can be enriched with this ancient knowledge.
Open this book and take your own journey through the eternal Dreamtime. Every turn of the page will develop motivational thoughts, inspiration, and true joy. Discover that the ancient connection to god/goddess/the divine still resonates in your soul. Discover your own truth.

Available in paperback and hardcover. Gift edition offers a full-color illustrated interior. B&W illustrations available in other print versions.

Excerpts from this book have been published in spiritual, literary, and inspirational magazines and newsletters, and have been honored with a women’s inspiration award. Laine Cunningham’s understanding of Aboriginal culture began during a six-month solo journey through the Australian Outback. The same visions that drew her into the red desert also told her that she would die there. A miraculous connection to divine energy saved her life and launched her along the path she follows to this day.