Laine Cunningham

Writer's Digest Book Review for Reparation

[The] language has a well-crafted poetry to it, an impression that is immediate and indelible. And [the] backstory is quick-moving, as a backstory should be. … so heartbreaking.
This continuing balance between old ways and modern life is a fascinating tension. The details of [the] scenes are vivid and genuine. Manitou’s character grows and grows in complexity [while the] hero [goes] through absolute hell. It’s a huge and compelling struggle.
A dramatic setting for [the] climax (the Crazy Horse memorial). A pretty amazing scene!

A beautifully written book. The theme is endlessly compelling and I enjoy the genuineness of the cultural knowledge. It’s a fascinating fusion of forms and, when it comes down to it, a hugely suspenseful thriller with a fascinatingly complex villain.

--Writer’s Digest Judge, 4th Annual Self-Published Ebook Awards, 2016-2017

Winner, Honorable Mention