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Sunspots are areas of lower temperatures that appear on the sun's surface. Because of the sun's brilliance, sunspots are not visible to the naked eye. Compare that to the blinding static many publishers use when marketing celebrity rehab stories. The unique and creative get lost. 
Sunspot literary journal was founded to cut through the blinding flashes with fiction, nonfiction, poetry and art that speaks truth to power. The mission is to amplify every voice.
A number of contests are in the works. The first two were announced in January of 2019. Contest winners will be published in special editions, digital, and/or print editions depending on the theme and contest. Cash awards are offered. Submission can be sent through Submittable. ​

Laine "caves in castles on the hill, roasts the big name publishers (and so called liberal literary magazines as well) and discusses topics that are poisonous for new writers – unless they be young white males (and even there she has some pointers that are laugh out loud funny)." Hall of Fame Reviewer

"An eye-opening guide. I was glad Laine wrote this book to expose this mentality. The book was funny and encouraging, even while talking about the brutal truth. Read this book. It will help you understand what you're up against."  S. Clem

"If you’re a reader, read this. If you’re an author, new or old, who is female or black or gay (or minority or LGBT or even a plain ol’ white guy – there’s stuff in there for you too), then you need to read this. This book will take you on a journey that is so rip-roariously funny, so hilariously true." Angel Leya


Lined and unlined journals reproduce the evocative covers from the Travel Photo Art series, the Zen for Life series, and the Wisdom for Life series. Other editions reproduce the cover from Laine's women's travel adventure memoir, her book of essays based on Australian Aboriginal wisdom, and other titles.

The generously sized journals are 8.5 by 8.5. The interior pages are decorated with vintage sketches that alternate in the upper and lower corners. Each two-page spread offers a beautiful place to record your thoughts and draw your art.

Laine Cunningham